Skin bleach?!

   Before trying Rodial I always thought it was incredibly out of my reach in terms of pricing. Then of course I received my discount and it suddenly seemed like a brand worth trying. The 'skin bleach' range is targets pigmentation; don't be put off by its name, the products aren't as harsh as the name entitles. The Rodial marketing team really do come up with the most humble names for their products. First there was the Glamoxy snake range, where they managed to incorporate the words Botox and Glamour into one. Most recently they launched the 'Dragons blood' range, a line of moisture packed cleansers, serums and a moisturiser.
  The skin bleach line features three products; a cleanser,serum and mask. I am not one to use all the same brand and i would typically not use all these three products together as I don't have any serious pigmentation issues to correct. I find the mask more useful in Summer months when my skin gets an uneven tone from the sun. 

  I know many people get a bit hesitant with the idea of lightening the skin but its more about brightening the skin by speeding up the skin cell turnover. I use brightening products as more of an upkeep for my skin and to boost my skins natural radiance. One thing I did notice after using the mask is that my skin felt very smooth and my foundation applied more evenly. 

  So exactly how does the 'skin bleach' work? I'm sure you all know what an AHA exfoliant is if you're skincare obsessed like me. AHA which stands like Alpha Hydroxy Acids is a type of chemical exfoliant, Glycolic and lactic acid also come under the term AHA. The Rodial range contains both glycolic and Lactic acid as well as fruit enzymes derived from fruit acids such as pineapple. 

  For effectiveness I would recommend the mask as it contains a high percentage of glycolic acid and as it remains on your face for five-ten minutes it's bound to have more of an effect than using a cleanser that you remove from your face within the minute. Surprisingly the serum doesn't even contain any form of AHA, only lightening ingredients such as Licorice root and a lot of fragrance!


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