French Pharmacy Haul

Last week I visited London to see my friend Kurtiss, if you haven't heard me mention him before you must check out our 'Dermaroller" Youtube video we made together. It never fails to make me giggle....

The French seem to be masters of all things skincare; from Bioderma to By Terry, they always produce the most natural and luxurious skincare. One thing I can always rely on the French brands for is cleansing waters otherwise know as 'miscellar water'; A gentle makeup remover with oil molecules to lift even the most stubborn of mascaras.  

My friend Kurtiss is also a big skincare nerd like me so I freaked out when he told me about all the pharmacies around Hampstead. The pharmacy stocked lots of 'hard to find' brands such as L'Occitane, Mason Pearson and Mavala. Most of the Caudalie products they stocked were new to me, they also had the entire range of L'Occitane plus a few little bits and bobs from smaller French brands. I remember reading that the L'Occitane Shea butter line is one worth trying. Being a beauty vlogger I like to try many things at once so I opted on purchasing the giftbag. I had previously tried their Shea butter hand cream that I received in my You Beauty advent calendar, it's the perfect size to pop in your handbag! I was super excited to try the foot cream as it's won its fair share of awards. When I worked in retail I was on my feet hours on end, they got very hard and dry so I have kind of mastered the art of foot care now. I applied it on my feet last night and I can confirm now it's the best foot cream I have tried! You can pick up a travel size version for around £8. I need to stock up!

When it comes to shower gels I have never really been one to experiment with anything other than your    normal Radox. Recently though I've been upping my game, I couldn't say no to these delightful minis. I've only had chance to try the 'Ultra Rich' shower cream and I couldn't be more impressed. First of all it's very gentle on the skin and kind of smells like a baby product. As a little side note I tend to prefer shower creams to gels as they are very gentle and don't strip the skin of it's natural moisture.

I knew that while I was in the pharmacy I didn't want to leave without something from Caudalie. Ever since I bought my first bottle of Beauty elixir I have been obsessed. I told myself I 'needed' a serum so I picked up Pulpe VitaminĂ©e. Pulp VitaminĂ©e is sort of a 'first signs of ageing  serum with Hyaluronic Acid and Grape-seed Polyphenols( an ingredient found in most Caudalie products). I would say it's both a prevention product and a solution to any minor fine wrinkles. The Hylauronic Acid plumps out the skin in turn making your wrinkles less noticeable, while the Grape-seed Polyphenols work as a shield against environmental factors that can cause you to age faster. All in all I like this product, can I notice a difference yet? Well to be honest I'm 22 and the only fine lines I have are around my eyes which my 'Ole Henrikson Truth is in the eyes peel' sorts out. In terms of hydration my skin feels a lot more plump and moisturiser before I've even applied my moisturiser! 

So this blog post is a lot longer than I thought..Phew..

So being a contact lens wearer it's important to me what I remove my makeup with, as much as I love Bioderma I also love trying more products. When I spotted this product I thought by the packaging they were brightening eye drops when they actually turned out to be individual eye makeup removal pods. So far was good though, I can't say it removes everything because I always seem to have some black left under my eyes after I use this but I can't recommend it enough if you have sensitive eyes. 

Have you tried any of these products? Anything you could recommend to me?


  1. I would skip this serum completely and go for their vinoperfect one. That one gives you amazing radiant skin and plumps it all up at the same time. Not that you really need it from the look of your youtube videos. Secret lurker here :P
    The French do skincare oh so well indeed.

  2. Thank you! I need to try that one!
    I love lurkers! haha



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