No7 Cleansing Brush

I was browsing boots recently and I came across this little Clarasonic wannabe, to be honest I had never heard about it before and that's quite strange for someone who is constantly on beauty blogs and Youtube. Lets be honest here of course this could never to compared to the Clarasonic, the Clarasonic is in a league of its own and the technology of it is more advanced. I have never got around to investing in the Clarasonic yet, i mean their have been multiple times that I have been really close to biting the bullet and parting with my precious money. I just can't decide whether it's worth it! 

Normally when I part with my cash I make sure I do my research into the product I'm looking at buying but since it was only £15 I thought why the hell not! I thought to myself if it's shitty I can write a brilliant blog post on why its so shitty. 

So immediately when I got home the makeup had to come off, I can't lie I have pretty excited to use this since I have the feeling of squeaky clean skin. I purchased the No7 Cleansing cream for dry skin to use with the cleansing brush although it does recommend that you should use a foaming/gel cleanser. 

For application it's easier to apply the cleanser to your face first and then wet the brush head and start cleansing. Before cleansing in general I always remove my eye makeup and part of my face makeup as you don't want to go any where near your eyes with this brush! I also recommend that you are careful if you are going to be using this in the shower as it is battery powered and you don't want to get it wet. 

So the important part....What do I think of this product?

Well, I have used it every 3 days since I purchased it, I guess that's a good sign. I find the bristles to be gentle enough to use every other day at the most, basically I use it any time I wear a lot of makeup and I want my face to be cleansed throughly. It slightly dried my skin out when I first started using it so I just made sure I gave my skin a break and used moisture masks and oils to re hydrate it again. I think it would be great with oily/blemish prone skin, especially if you used it with the Clean and Clear facial wash--They make great foaming/gel cleanser that would work great with the brush. 

Anyone else tried this or the Clarasonic? 


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