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From left to right: Organix Moroccan argan oil shampoo & conditioner, Eve Lom rescue mask, Laura mercier Ambre Vanille body scrub, Bodhi Ylang Ylang Body moisturiser, Elemis Milk bath,Algenist Micropolish and Peel, Neals Yard Beauty Balm.

When I'm feeling a little less groomed than usual I know it's time to pull out the luxury products. 
First I start with running a deep hot bath, I like to use products that are kind to my skin but also do the job. The Elemis Skin Nourishing milk bath turns my bath water to a creamy milky consistency which instantly moisturises my skin without the need to slather on shower creams. It smells a lot like a baby product from Johnson & Johnson, it has that soft, sensitive and kind to skin smell. You know what I mean right? So now that I've started the soaking process I like to start with a cleanse, but not just any normal foam or gel cleanse. I'm talking about a rich balm type cleanse...think of the Eve Lom cleanser consistency.This time I am trying out my new Neal Yard Beauty Balm, it's kinda like a multi use product, it can be used as a cleanser,exfoliant, or balm on dry skin. It's really great for the winter months when your skin needs that extra attention. 

I spend around 5 minutes massaging the balm onto my skin, I love doing this from time to time as it helps boost circulation and overall glow to my skin. Some people also say its good to use facial massage to prevent ageing..but who knows! To remove the balm I like to use a muslin cloth as it gently exfoliates my skin. 

Whenever I give myself pamper days I always try and include a clay mask into the mix as it deep cleanses and gets rid of any oil or dirt that may be on my skin that my normal cleansing can't remove! I like to call it my skincare spring clean! For this deep cleansing treatment I am using my deluxe sample of the Eve Lom rescue mask. This mask is good for mainly oilier more congested skin types but I like to use it now and again to soothe and deep clean. I also recommend the Origins Clear improvement mask for the same treatment. If you are on a budget you can also buy Kaolin Clay in Bulk on sites like Amazon and Ebay, just mix it with oatmeal, honey or jojoba oil...You might want to do your research first on which ingredients suit your skin type.

After I have washed off the mask I normally move onto more through exfoliation. One of the most effective exfoliants I have used is the Algenist Micropolish and peel,when you first apply it the tiny beads buff away any dry skin that may be sitting on the skin surface. Then you let it sit on the skin for around 3-5 minutes so the Glycolic acid can get to work. It contains both 10% Alguronic acid and Glycolic which is good considering its not an over the counter product. I try not to use this product too often because I do have dry skin but when I do use it, it makes my makeup go on beautifully and my skin glow. 

When I have finished with the face I like to scrub up my skin ready for any hair removing, if I'm feeling a little indulgent I will use my Laura Mercier Ambre Vanille scrub. This stuff seriously has the texture of Haagen Dazs ice cream and it smells delightful too. Then I will go on to wash my hair in the shower so I can wash off any remaining body scrub! 

Whats your pampering routine?


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