Balance me | Radiance face oil | Review

Balance Me is a lovely British brand that pride themselves on being natural while still giving results! Their products contain no parabens,sulfates, silicones, mineral oils and anything artifical...the list is endless.

I've always been a fan of face oils, especially having dry skin! Whenever the weather gets to me and I get dry patches or sensitive skin, this oil always comes to my rescue. I typically only use oils at night; if I use them in the daytime they can make my makeup slide. I also like to mix this oil with my moisturiser in the winter months to give my skin some extra protection. You should try this too!

What is great about this face oil in particular is that it sinks into the skin nicely without leaving your face feeling overly 'oily'. Amazonian buriti nut oil, Roman chamomile, yarrow and benzoin work together to give you that inner radiance plus it smells amazing! I personally love using this right before bed time, it helps relax and soothe my thoughts; nothing is nicer than giving yourself a mini facial massage before bed. If I am being strict and do this every other night I can see results in both my skin tone and texture. There are plenty of youtube videos demonstrating different techniques on facial massage, and some are quite entertaining (Carole Maggio).

Now if you have oily or combination skin don't be afraid to use this product or any other oils. Oils in fact do the opposite of making the skin more oily. To put it simply, if you have oil already on your skin then your skin won't feel the need to produce any more. This can help regulate your sebum production in the long term and help balance your skin.

Let me know what face oils you like in the comment section, and whether not you have tried this one!


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