Chanel Healthy Glow Powder

I can honestly say I have never purchased a Chanel makeup product before; after spending an hour testing all the products both on the back of my hand and on my face, I finally decided to add yet another face powder to my collection. Did I need another face powder? Of course not. Was I willing to spend thirty eight pound on an item of makeup? Yes! 

When I first felt this powder on my skin, it wasn't like any other powder, it felt velvety soft and non-drying. At first I thought it was a powder to cream formula. What is also interesting about this product is that it gives you a luminous warm glow without any glitter particles. The kind lady at the Chanel counter offered to apply some on my face so I could see the warmth each colour gives. Their are many ways you could use this powder depending on which shade you purchase. It  be used as a subtle contour, highlight,illuminating powder or bronzer. I picked the shade No30 as it is slightly darker enough to bronze but also light enough to use as a all over powder on the outer  parts of my face.

It wouldn't be Chanel without the beautiful packaging, I'm going to feel so glamorous using this powder in public! Hopefully in the future they will sell refills for the powder, I can't let this gorgeous packaging go to waste. ( Well I guess I could use it as a mirror) I believe Chanel have produced 7 shades ranging from No10 - No70, although so far I have only seen 5 shades available in the UK. 

If you are thinking about adding this gorgeous powder to your makeup collection I would recommend going to a Chanel counter to test all the shades as their are only subtle differences to the shades. 


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