My Makeup Brushes

Over the years I have collected a lot of brushes, I remember just starting out with an flat eyeshadow brush and a bronzer brush. Times are changing! I believe the first high end brush I got my hands on were some Estée Lauder brushes, given to me by my mom. From then on I used to plan which brushes I was going to add to my growing collection. After my Mac days, I learnt about brands like Sigma and Bdellium tools, That's when my collection went from ten brushes to over thirty, with the help of a few brush sets of course! I'm a big fan of brands like Sigma and bdellium tools because they make professional quality brushes without the Mac price tag. 

As you see I have a little problem with naming them all so I'm go  ing to mention some of my favourite. Starting with the most basic brush; the Mac 213 fluff brush (13 from the left) is one of the brushes I can't live without. I suggest that you invest in a good quality eyeshadow brush especially if you are just starting out building your makeup brush collection. Generally there are two types of brushes; application and blending brushes. If you are going to spend money on either of these, I recommend investing in at least 2-3 natural fibre; blending brushes. You can never have enough Mac 217 blending brushes, they last for a long time and are the perfect blending companion.

Synthetic brushes make the best eyeliner and concealer brushes as they hold cream products better than Natural fibre brushes. I honestly believe that you don't have to spend a lot of money on synthetic brushes, I bought most of mine in a eye brush kit from Bdellium tools. Eco tools is also another great brand for synthetic brushes at a reasonable price. I only have one Eco Tools brush ( the concealer brush) but I love it non the less.
When it comes to face brushes, I prefer to buy them individually. My ultimate powder brush would have to be the Nars Yachiyo kabuki brush for its versatility. It doubles up as both a blusher and contour brush because of its tapered end, it diffuses powder beautifully and applies my Nars laguna bronzer like a dream. For liquid foundation my new favourite brush is the Sigma F80 flat kabuki, it buffs on my foundation flawlessly and provides a seamless finish. Once I know I love a particular type of brush, I tend to search around to find another option from another brand. My second option is the Bdellium tools bambu series precision cheek 957 brush, it's also synthetic and packs on liquid foundation for a medium to full coverage. 

Occasionally I reach for my Mac 188 small duo fibre brush if I'm looking for a light application of  foundation for my 'off days'. I own my fair share of full coverage foundations such as the Vichy Dermablend, which is slightly too heavy for everyday wear but when mixed with a lightweight moisturiser and blended with the Mac 188, it gives the perfect dewy finish. The mac 130 short duo fibre is one of my most recommended for those who are fond of using cream bronzers/blushers. It picks up product well, blend nicely and is easy to maintain. 

I'm always still on the hunt for my next new brush, at the moment my interests lay in the high end side of things. Hakuhodo and SUQQU spring to mind!

Which brushes do you have on you're wish list?


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