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In my previous job, I remember one of the girls at work that always had a gorgeous natural Vanilla /Pink sheen to her cheekbones. I asked her what she used and to my surprise it was a Mac's Pink opal pigment. Before I had never really paid much attention to Mac's pigment range; I spent literally all my lunch break going through and swatching all of the shades on the back of my hand. As soon as I got home, I took my notepad and pen and began researching and jotting down the most popular pigments that I would plan on purchasing. 

The first pigment I got my hands on was Mac's vanilla pigment, now if you are new to this whole pigment game, I suggest putting this first on your list. It's very versatile and can be used to blend your crease colour, highlight brow bone or it can be used as a subtle highlight on the cheekbone. Naked pigment is obviously another popular one from Mac along with the pigment 'Tan' but it all depends on your skin tone. My other Mac pigments consist of the colours 'Melon' and 'Magenta Madness'. I don't use these shades very often but when I do they always last and inspire me to take my makeup to the next level. Magenta Madness is beautiful when mixed with a clear lip gloss on the lips , I'm sure you won't find anything as bright Pink as this shade. 

Illamasqua are another brand to look out for when buying pigments. They produce the most beautiful shades that you aren't likely find anywhere else. I really recommend Furore for its Champagne Peach shimmer, its much more natural looking on the skin compared to Mac's Vanilla pigment. My only complaint about the Illamasqua pigments is the packaging, although its very appealing to me, the lid is a pain to remove and can result in pigment being dropped everywhere. On the website Alluvium is described as a 'iridescent midnight Blue' ; is it just me or does my Alluvium look nothing like a midnight Blue. When I sample this on my skin, it's more of a black with Blue sparkles. Does anyone else have the same opinion? 

Recently I have discovered Makeup Atelier Paris pigments, Makeup Atelier Paris are a professional makeup school and cosmetics brands that cater to makeup artists and makeup lovers all over the world. I recently did a review of their liquid waterproof foundation click here to watch! So first of all let me start by saying this is how all pigment packaging should be designed! It doesn't get messy and it's extremely easy to pick up product by dabbing your brush into the application hole. I also find it a plus that the pigment is very visible from the packaging which is great for storing purposes. Makeup Atelier sell a few types of pigments; Pearl, Starlight and florescent. If you're a beginner I would recommend the pearl pigments as they are fairly easy to blend and they're very buildable. I used the Azur (on the lower lash line) in one of my recent makeup tutorials 'Spring makeup'. 

 I have always been a fan of OCC liptars and concealers; I was so excited when I found out Selfridges stocked their range. I'm always on the hunt for new products to try so I was super excited when I came across the OCC pigments. I ended up picking up Magenta and Smote, Magenta is a pure pigment, meaning it's just purely color. The pure pigment can be mixed with the clear lip tars or any mixing medium. It's not the easiest of products to work with as it's very matte. I find it quite difficult to pick up the pigment, it doesn't seem to adhere to the brush. I haven't had much practice using this pigment although next time I will use my fix + to help the pigment adhere to the brush. The Smote pigment is very easy to work with as it has a slight shimmer and is very wearable. It doesn't give much colour pay off but when layered over a neutral brown it gives a slight natural shimmer.

The great thing with pigments is that the possibilities are endless, their are no boundaries and you can really experiment with them. I'd love to hear about any pigments you would recommend to me! 


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