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Good afternoon! So if you follow me on youtube you will know I'm really into my skincare; luckily it's in my genes not to suffer from blemishes so I can try lots of products and rarely break out. Think of me as your personal skincare guinea pig! I believe if your skin looks good then your makeup will look even more flawless and eventually you won't need to apply as much.

Since working in beauty I have discovered a lot of skincare devices and was able to test them out for myself. These devices included many at home products such as hair removal lasers and Red light treatments. These at home devices cost up to £300, as much as I love skincare I'm not ready to pay that amount! I was pleased to know that Rio beauty's Red light treatment only retails for £59.99. The Rio beauty light uses 633 nano meters of Red wavelength, enough to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.  

Red light treatments normally penetrate skin tissue to a depth of 8-10cm, which makes it beneficial for people looking to correct any pigmentation, fine lines, redness or acne scarring. For optimum skin rejuvenation I recommend using  Skin Revive every other day for around 20 minutes, you can use it up to an hour a day. I start with a cleansed face (dry) then I begin to gently place the Red light onto my skin gliding from area to area. 

The great thing about this device is that it has all the science proven to back up the claims. After researching on Red light treatment itself I am even more excited to carry on using this product. Even though I am only 23 I can ensure you I will always have this device in my routine for years to come as it isn't abrasive in the slightest. If you want to upgrade your anti ageing routine then I recommend this product.

Available to purchase at www.riobeauty.co.uk

*PR sample. 


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