Formula X For Sephora

Being very much of a 'nails girl', I was overly excited to see that Sephora had revamped their entire nail line. I Walked past Sephora several times feeling very confused as to where all their OPI by Sephora nail range had gone. On my fourth Sephora visit in a week (I know, I am a Sephora fan girl) I came across their new range of nail products; Formula X. I was overwhelmed with all the different colors and finishes so I just went for the easiest option- 'The System', as they call it- A set which includes three different products to help you achieve salon perfect nails.

You first prep the nail with the nail cleanser- this acts as a nail primer and leaves the nail free of residue.  The base coat forms a sticky layer over the nail so the polish easily adheres. The main reason I chose to purchase the 'System' was because you get the option to pick out a nail polish shade yourself. Being a loyal fan of the Seche Vite topcoat, I didn't have high expectations for the topcoat, however I was very impressed with the gel-like finish. Currently I am wearing the same polish for 4 days, chip free.

The verdict? I think this may be my new go-to nail polish brand. I have also been lusting after their nail polish collection which features twenty two of their classic creams, bright neons, cool chromes, and splatter-effect top coats. It's definitely on my Christmas list! So if you are looking for a christmas gift for a fellow beauty lover or just would like to try out a new nail line I highly recommend this set.


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