Bedside Beauty

Ever feel like you tend to use products more when they're within an arms reach? I know I have some beauty products collecting dust from stashing them away too soon. I like to think that I have nailed my night time routine with a carefully edited selection of winter skin-saving products. With the weather not doing my skin any favours, I have been investing in more intensely moisturising products. Currently on my bedside table - Fresh Sugar Advanced lip Therapy and The Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream. 

Fresh Sugar Advanced Lip Therapy
This lip balm has to be an all time favourite for me, it protects my lips from the weather and makes them feel kissable and soft. The texture is slightly more on the waxy side - think of it as a luxury version a vaseline in a tube but with much more advanced and effective ingredients. The Hyaluronic filling spheres help to plump up the lips and lock in all the much needed moisture--for all the 'thin lipped' girls out there this one's for you! (I need it too)

Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream
I received this little mini treat of a hand cream in my You Beauty advent calendar; since then it's been a permanent fixture in my night time routine. Take note: the smallest amount is needed when applying this hand cream, because the hydration stays locked in for hours. I like to apply it before bed or after a manicure. Caudalie's products never have an overpowering fragrance--a dislike of mine especially when I am wearing perfume as well--and the Caudalie hand cream has a very soft fragrance much like their foot cream which is also a firm favourite of mine. Try it! I promise you will love it. 


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