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Visiting Lush was definitely at the top of my list while I was in the UK. For those out there who aren't familiar with Lush, it's a handmade cosmetics company from England. Most of their products are preservative free and normally have a shelf life of around four months. Lush is known for their "bath ballistics" - solid Sodium bicarbonate fizz filled with scents and oils. What I really love about Lush is that you can buy their soaps by weight; the stores are also filled with wash basins so that you are free to play around with their products and see how they perform on your skin.

Being someone who likes to take long baths I find the Lush bath products quite a treat--the bath ballistics fill my bath with rainbow like colours and the relaxing smells always linger around for days. My all-time favourite Lush product has to be "The Comforter"--a swirled fusion of Blackberry fruity goodness. "The Comforter," which is a bubble bar, can also be broken up into multiple pieces so you can get two or three baths out of a single bar.

If you are a Lush newbie and feel overwhelmed with all the choices I would recommend the Twilight Bath Ballistic--'a colour-changing layered bath bomb with a soporific lavender and malt fragrance'. This bath bomb makes for a perfect night time treat especially if you find it hard to nodding off at night.

While I was overseas I realised I hadn't tried many Lush soaps and was on the hunt for something new. The lovely sales assistant recommended "Porridge," which is perfect for sensitive skin as it includes oatmeal to soothe and cleanse. It's also mildly exfoliating and makes for a great shaving cream.

As someone who is very fussy when it comes to skincare I was a bit wary of Lush's skin care range. Having dry and sensitive skin doesn't make me a good candidate for trying out new products. At first I was tempted by their masks but then I realised they don't keep for too long so I tested out some of their cleansers. The Aqua Marina cleanser really intrigued me because of its paste-like texture and seaweed infused ingredients. Aqua Marina is formulated for dry skin and on application it turns into a milky paste that doesn't leave my skin feeling tight or stripped of moisture. Although I don't use this cleanser everyday I do like to use it every now and again when I want to have a full-on pampering session.

I couldn't of course leave lush without picking up Jack (my husband) something; he isn't one for strong scents but I remembered he liked the Flying Fox shower gel (A girl never forgets!).

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  1. I love LUSH so much, I still need to try the comforter!!

    I just posted a mini LUSH haul over on my blog which you might find interesting :)

    Hayley x



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