Hourglass Review - Part 1

I've always been curious about Hourglass products. The packaging is what drew me in initially, and then of course once I heard fellow You-tubers talk about the brand and I knew I had to delve in further. 

Let's begin with the most colourful of them all - the Extreme Sheen High Shine Lip Glosses. Normally I'm not a lipgloss gal but I will make expectations, the shade range of these glosses is INSANE. While the lighter, 'nude' shades are fairly muted the darker, vamper shades such as Muse really do pack a punch. Most of the shades are just a swipe of colour when applied but a few of the shades have micro glitter running through them, which is barely noticeable. The shade Fortune is like a liquid version of Orgasm blush by Nars, a baby pink with tiny particles of glitter. I won't explain every shade but I will let you in on my favs. 

Child- The Perfect Nude. It's warm, peachy and just an all-round perfect shade. 

Muse - A Coral Red. The most pigmented of them all. It definitely had neon qualities to it. Summer sorted. 

From Left -  Origami, Fortune, Ignite, Child, Primal, Nectar and Muse 

The Ambient Blushers received an enormous amount of hype when they were first released, but I wasn't particularly excited to go out and buy them. Sure they look pretty but are they actually good? FYI - I was lucky enough to receive these as samples (Testers). That is why the packaging is a little different. 

So the Ambient Blushers...they aren't the most pigmented blushes I have come across but if you like a sheer wash of colour on your cheeks you may like them. They add a luminous tint to your cheeks and blend nicely without any difficultly. The 'swirl' as I like to call it is a mix of the Ambient lighting powders and blush pigment. Hourglass describes the result to be unlike traditional blush that tends to appear flat on the face. To be honest the effect is no different  to the Milani Luminoso when applied. I was also disappointed that the shades didn't translate that well on the skin, they all seemed to look very similar. 

Luminious Flush - A rosey Pink with little to none shimmer infused with Luminious Light Ambient Lighting Powder. I'm not one for bright Pinks so this wasn't my favourite. (The brightest one I own)

Radiant Magenta - My FAVE! Infused with Radiant Light powder, on the shimmery side. A perfect wear to replace any highlighter as the pigment is quite sheer. 

Diffused Heat - Similar to Luminous Flush but slightly more muted with more shimmer. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts on these products. Have you tried them? 

Hayley - Supersugarbubble 


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