Vanitymark Ultra-Brow Pencil

Recently I have been on the hunt for the best brow pencil known to man. I normally use the Anastasia Brow Pomade in Dark Brown but for me it can be a little fiddly at times and this is obviously just an excuse to try more products, right?

When I am searching for new products I always try and find products that makeup artists recommend. They are the people in the industry that are applying makeup products on hundreds of models backstage in which they have little time and the products performance depends on their job. I also assist a lot of makeup artists on shoots so I am always curious to see what they use and believe me nine times out of the ten the products they use are always the BEST. I always carry a notepad whenever I work with an artist so I can jot done any products. Which is how I found out about Vanity Mark Brow Pencils....

What do I look for in a brow product? 

I want something that's not too waxy as I don't need something to groom my brows (I use the Anastasia Clear Brow Gel for that). I want the pencil to mimic actual brow hairs and look like hair from a distance. I prefer pencils to have zero to none red or warm pigment as my natural hairs are near enough black. Longevity is key since I rarely reapply my makeup. 

The Verdict 

Longevity - Since the formula is part wax and powder it stays on pretty well. There has been a couple of times I have worn it to the gym and it stayed on. It isn't water resistant and if you go swimming it may come off but for everyday and the occasional gym visit it works out.

Formula - The pencil goes on kinda waxy but looks like a powder on the eye brow, it's more suited for filling in than creating new hairs. It blends beautifully with a brow wand and looks very natural.  

Shade - I purchased Dark Chocolate and for me it's slightly too red, I may purchase the shade Chocolate Noir. My brow hairs are very dark and any hint of red makes me easier to tell the difference between my natural brow hairs and the product. Their shade range is quite impressive, although if you are looking for a more ashy tone brow pencil you won't find one in this line.  

Round Up
Overall this is definitely one to check out if you are looking to fill in your brows, for precision I would go else where. I mainly just use this the fill in the outer portion of my brow and am still on the hunt for a brow product that ticks all the boxes. Suggestions are welcome! :D


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