Amore Pacific Cushion Compact review

Now that the 'Beauty/Blemish Balms' and 'Colour Correcting Creams' are old news I thought I would take it upon myself to try a 'Cushion BB Cream'. Lets talk a bit more about how this thing actually works.... 

So in simple terms it's basically a sponge cushion saturated with a more hydrating version of a BB /CC cream, most of the product is underneath the sponge so that when you press the sponge the product disperses. Each sponge is meant to last around two months and you receive one refill. YIPEE!

Upon my hunt for a cushion compact I came across the Amore Pacific Cushion Compact in Sephora. When I see something new I either want to do one of two things - read reviews (then buy based on a review) or write a review. Here's my review...

Longevity - Depending on what type of skin you have this may or may not last on your skin. Like I said before it is very hydrating, it's pretty much feels like 60% water so it does have the tendency to wear off with humidity. Unlike BB creams this is designed for on the go touch up and reapplication so it doesn't build up on the skin and look 'cakey'.
If you set your makeup with powder you won't necessarily be able to touch up. Makeup - Powder - Makeup. Nope!

Formula -  First of all let me point out the coverage of this product is a lot lighter than most BB or CC creams on the market. I would firmly say this is the lightest product in terms of coverage that I own. It is not going to cover anything, it will simply just even out redness and add luminosity and brightness. 

Packaging - Although the packaging is meant to be convenient, it's just a little too bulky. The packaging is designed to be refilled so once your sponge is officially dead, you just pop out the back and press another sponge back in. I personally found that it took a lot of pressing down on the sponge to even get any product on the applicator, that resulted in my applicator getting a little dirty. 

Shade - Their shade range is very unimpressive as they have failed to cater for a lot of skin tones. I picked up Tan Gold because I guess that was technically the closest. I can say after trying this and going out in public that it's a little on the yellow/warm side. Not that I couldn't get away with wearing it, I just know that it's not perfect. 

 Before Left, After Right

What do you think of the shade? I think it's a bit too golden. Unfortunately this is the lightest shade so I'm a bit stuck. I do love the formula and the finish it gives on the skin so next on my 'Products I really need to try' is the IOPE Air Cushion Compact. 

I'd like to hear if you have tried any similar products, particularly a cushion compact?

Hayley - SuperSugarBubble x


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