Bath & Body Picks

When the cooler weather comes into play I always tend to spend a little longer in the tub and bath products become my new thing to get giddy about. From silky shaving creams to muscle relaxing bath soaks...I have you covered. 

Lets start with the belle of the ball - The Lush Fizzbanger Bath Bomb
This thing smells like fall to me, with notes of cinnamon and apple and a slight citrus scent that leans towards overpowering. Now this thing is STRONG, I literally stored it in my bathroom for a day and it was like I lit several candles. When it comes to using bath bombs, I have to admit I become a little bit of a kid watching the water change colour. So If you are looking for a fall-appropriate bath treat to cheer you up on rainy days this has to be it. 

Ren - Moroccan Rose Otto body lotion
This has to be one of the cleanest rose scents I have encountered, the scent doesn't linger for too long so it's perfect to layer under perfume. The texture of the lotion is very rich but quickly sinks into the skin leaving it hydrated but not greasy. I urge you to try this if you haven't! 

Mio - Liquid Yoga Bath Soak
Sometimes the best thing to do after an intense workout is to take a post workout bath; this bath soak comes in handy for relaxing over worked muscles. The soak as the name suggests is a green non-foaming liquid. The smell isn't as strong as I'd like but you can definitely feel it work its magic. 

Kiss My Face - Moisture Shave 
While on my quest to use more natural beauty products I came across this gem at Whole Foods. The texture of this product is more like a shower gel than a cream as such. It has a slight foam to it and the lavender scent gives me the feeling of mini-spa right in my bathroom. 

I hope I have inspired you to invest in some pre-winter pampering products! My skin will still be exfoliated and moisturised regardless of the fact that I won't be baring my legs!

...and I still get a pedicure every two weeks just so I can look at my painted toes in the shower. :/


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