The Smashbox Contour Kit

CONTOURING - It's everywhere! Honestly I have never really been one to use contouring products on myself although I must admit I do like to subtly highlighter under my eyes but thats about it. Now The Smashbox Contouring Kit is a little more "consumer friendly" in the fact that it doesn't have a zillion shades of different contour undertones. Just three powders; Contour, Bronze, and Highlight. 

Here is my first impressions & tutorial using the palette....

let me start all my saying why does every brand think yellow highlighter is right for everybody. Yellow highlighter looks beautiful when applied to warm medium to dark skin tones but looks incredibly artificial on fairer skins. Since contouring and highlighting is so personal to each individuals undertone it would be beneficial for brands to create several palettes for various undertones. Anyway with that being said I do think this palette is worth consideration for the contour shade alone. I would hands down describe it as the perfect contour shade, not too grey but also not too warm. The formula appears to have a lot of fall out in the pan so be weary of the amount of product on your brush. The bronzer is one of the most sheerest formulas I have tried, its definitely on buildable side though. I am also happy to report that the palette is entirely matte! 

Have you tried this palette and if so what are your thoughts?

Thank you for reading! - Hayley


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