Top 5 Face Masks

If you take a look into my bathroom cabinet, it's clear that I have more face masks than the average person uses in a year. Why? Because in terms of effectiveness face masks are the one product that gives you instant results.

So if your skin is feeling a little drier than normal, or it's a little lacklustre, or maybe you just feel like you need a skin detox, I can promise you you will find the answer to all your skincare concerns in my cabinet of wonders!

Problem - Oily, congested skin - Solution - Eve Lom Rescue Mask
If you live in the city then you will know how satisfying it is to use this mask. The strong smell of camphor really does bring back memories of when I'd smother Vicks all over my chest. The almond and honey infused kaolin clay make it less drying and harsh than your average clay mask. Tip- The product likes to separate so I like to give it a little shaky shake before squeezing the tube. 

Problem - dull, stressed skin - Solution - Malin & Goetz Detox Face Mask
First off all let me start by saying Malin & Goetz is a great unisex brand, especially if you want to get a little skincare routine going for your other half. Literally get them to try this as a shaving balm or mask and they will be hooked! Anyway back to the mask...I would describe this mask as being one of the most versatile in my collection. It hydrates with Squalene, glycerine and sodium PCA and has my favourite combination of vitamin E & C.  You basically apply it to damp skin and then it begins to foam up like a marshmallow, shall we say... I recommend using it in place of your regular cleanser once or twice a week. Drier skin will benefit from removing the mask with tissue for optimal hydration, and oiler skins can remove it with a splash of water.

Problem - Irritated skin - Solution - First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Instant Oatmeal Mask
If you are looking for an indulgent, calming, "hug in a tube" then look no further. This mask is for when your skin needs some TLC, maybe you have over exfoliated or drank too much the night before and your skin is feeling dehydrated. What I love most about this mask is that little bits of colloidal oatmeal which is used in many anti-inflammatory products with a mix of shea butter. It's truly a wonderful concoction. 

Problem - Dull skin - Solution -  Sunday Riley Good Genes
With 40% Lactic acid it's clear why this ones a winner. It smells a little funky but I think we can get over that for the sake of our skin, right? Good genes can be used as a daily serum or as a face mask for a glow-to-go (I made that one up). I also heard through the grape vine that Sunday Riley may have to lower the percentage of Lactic acid since it's very high for a non prescription skincare product. Fingers crossed!

Problem - Dry, aging skin - Solution - Goldfaden MD Wake Up Call
This mask literally has one of the most impressive ingredients lists I have seen in a while; C0Q10, Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid and vitamin E just to name a few. I'd describe the consistency as that of a moisturiser; once applied to the skin it pretty much absorbs and then all that's left to do is wake up with a younger face than you went to sleep with.

What masks do you have on-call? 



  1. Goldfaden MD products are fantastic! I just discovered a Malin+Goetz store in LA so I think I will have to try out that mask soon.

    1. Malin + Goetz make a cute little travel kit so you can try their bestsellers, I may get it!


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