My Top Hair Products for Volume

When it comes to my hair, I'm very nonchalant about the whole routine. Simply just wash and dry, then out the door. Second or third day hair is normally just tied up in a ponytail. You get the gist.. I'm just more of a makeup gal. What can I say?

When it comes to the basics though, I love me some VOLUME. Literally my hair can be slightly greasy or tangled, as long as it looks full, I am a happy bunny.

Lets start with the life saver.

Living Proof - Full Thickening Cream
I initially bought this product because Jennifer Aniston is the spokesperson/model. I mean first of all her hair is fab! No one can forget that classic 'Friends' hair do. Since I tried this cream it has become a permanent fixture in my haircare routine. First, I apply a pea-size amount into my hair when it's around 70% dry and then blow dry the top sections of my hair with a round brush. What I love most about this product is that it doesn't at any point become sticky or set on the hair, I can run my finger though my hair without the feeling of 'product'.

Rene Furterer - Volumizing Conditioning Spray
If i'm really stuck for time and I don't have the energy to blow dry my hair, I always turn to the Rene Furterer Conditioning Spray. I give my hair a quick spritz after combing it through and then proceed to let it air dry naturally. If you are looking for a quick no-fuss product then I would definitely recommend this little gem.

Dove - Refresh & Care - Volume Dry Shampoo
After searching on Makeup Alley for the best drugstore dry shampoo, I made my way to Rite Aid to find the Dove Dry Shampoo, and low and behold there was one left! That's a good sign right? I like to save dry shampoo for when I really am in need. Third day hair springs to mind. I can't say I am a great advocate for dry shampoo, since I have only test run a few. However I do like this one as it is very good at adding in volume that is lost on third day hair. It doesn't leave any white tell tale marks on my hair as long as I spray it on from a good distance.

What are your go-to volume-boosting products?


  1. I have oily hair. How will my hair look clean and healthy?

  2. i have oily hair.my hair some of dry problem .so which best shampoo i used .please give me solution


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